Thursday, September 14, 2023

Did you know there is a benefit to reading the same books over and over?

 Benefits of Reading the 

Same Book Over & Over

Repeating, reviewing & remembering - Rereading Goodnight Moon for the twentieth time can feel annoying, but it is good for the child. The more the child hears a story, the more they understand and remember. 

The joy of reading- Letting your child choose the book you read to them helps them enjoy reading.

Bonding as a family- Reading together helps you bond as a family. Children and adults alike look forward to the bedtime story ritual.

Connecting to the story- Rereading stories helps the child connect with the characters and builds empathy and understanding. 

Fill in the Gaps- Sometimes, children have difficulty finding books they enjoy reading. So, rereading the old favorites helps fill the gap.

Fluency- Rereading helps improve word identification, increase fluency, help the child build confidence, and improve reading comprehension.

Our Favorites to reread:

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn 

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You can also let Grammy & Grandpa read the same book for the 70th time. 

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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Grandparents Day

 Happy Grandparents Day

There is a special relationship that can form between Grandparents and their Grandchildren. As a Grandparent, I treasure my relationships with my Grandchildren. Grandparents have already raised their children and the pressure that comes with that is lessened, thus we are able to have more patience and understanding than we may have had as young parents. We also have the advantage of experience to help in our interactions with our Grandchildren. We can also see things in a bigger picture. 

Our Grandchildren live far away from us, but we try our best to connect with them. We have phone calls or Marco Polo posts. We send small gifts (usually books) to them several times a year. We always remember them on their birthdays. (This is a big one for me because my grandparents did not always remember my birthday). We sometimes send coloring pages and letters (it is always fun to get something in the mail).

What are some things you do to connect with your grandparents/grandchildren? What do you wish your Grandparents would have done differently?

Saturday, September 2, 2023

5 Books About Fall/Autumn

Books for Fall/Autumn Kids Will Love

Have the leaves started to change colors where you live? Grandpa and I have noticed a few trees with their colors changing. It is a beautiful time of year with all the vibrant fall colors. We decided to share a few fall books for you to check out.  

1. "Fletcher and the Falling Leaves" by Julia Rawlinson: This charming story follows a little fox who tries to save his favorite tree's falling leaves. It beautifully captures the changing colors of autumn and teaches about the cycle of nature. (4.9 stars on Amazon)

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

2. "Leaf Man" by Lois Ehlert: The illustrations are created using actual fallen leaves in this imaginative book. Readers embark on a journey with Leaf Man, who travels with the wind, showcasing the beauty and diversity of autumn leaves. (4.8 stars on Amazon)

Leaf Man

3. "We're Going on a Leaf Hunt" by Steve Metzger: Inspired by the classic "We're Going on a Bear Hunt," this book takes readers on an adventurous leaf-hunting expedition. Children will enjoy the rhythmic text and vibrant illustrations as they explore the wonders of autumn. (4.8 stars on Amazon)

We're Going On a Leaf Hunt

4. "The Little Yellow Leaf" by Carin Berger: This gentle and poetic book tells the story of a little yellow leaf afraid to let go and fall from the tree. It's a tale about embracing change and finding courage in uncertain times. (4.7 stars on Amazon)

The Little Yellow Leaf

5. "Autumn Leaves" by Ken Robbins: With stunning close-up photographs of different leaves, this book offers a simple introduction to leaf identification and the beauty of autumn foliage. It's a visually captivating book for young nature enthusiasts. (4.4 stars on Amazon)

Autumn Leaves

These books capture the essence of autumn, from the vibrant colors of fall leaves to the sense of change and transition that the season brings. They provide opportunities for children to learn about nature, explore the wonders of fall, and appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons.

You can watch our Autumn Playlist, too, for more great read-aloud books about Fall.

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